Social Responsibility

Being a family-owned and operated organisation, tool-e-byte stands apart from its corporate counterparts in the way the organisation functions. The company has imbibed the familial values of genuine care and respect at the core of all its operation. Every stakeholder at TEB believes that this organisation is a large family. Here at TEB, we put the great emphasis on the value and worth of an individual. For us, it is more than Human 'Resources'. We believe in personal connections and investing in the true potential of each person.

The foundational values at tool-e-byte emphasis on going beyond the routine business and rise to make a difference in the world around us. At TEB, we prioritise people over profits for profit's sake and implement the virtues of integral humanism in every aspect of our company. 

Our Founder and MD, Michael Thuleweit has highlighted on 'Joy of Giving' through his actions in his professional career and his personal life. He is the force that pushes the entire TEB universe towards contributing to the betterment of lives and living around us. Our dedications towards fostering the greater good stems from the benevolence he embodies.


At TEB, we prioritise people over profits for profit's sake and implement the virtues of integral humanism in every aspect of our company. This virtue reflects in the choice of people the company decides to invest. We, as a company, stand against discrimination of any kind. We choose to invest in the human potential going beyond the superficial differences of physical or mental handicap. At our Headquarters at Griesheim, we have a long term Autistic employee. An Autistic person suffers from a broad range of conditions characterised by challenges with social skills, repetitive behaviours, speech and nonverbal communication. Despite these hurdles, He is now a fully integrated employee and workes on Digitalisation projects. As a company, we are actively investing in the employment of individuals with special needs, physical and mental handicaps. Going beyond the bounds of duty, each member of the TEB family is keen to facilitate the assimilation of such individuals in the larger TEB Universe.


SOS Children's Village

For the last 20 years, Michael Thuleweit and his wife, Gabriele Thuleweit, are patrons of a children organisation named as SOS Children's Village. SOS Children's Village care for the welfare of orphaned and abandoned children, often throughout the whole of their childhood. Additionally, this organisation actively works towards strengthening families and communities as a preventive measure in the fight against child abandonment and social neglect. Working together with this organisation, Michael and Gabriele became Godparents to 2 girls, based in Pune and Hyderabad, India. With the girls now grown up and one of them married off, Michael and Gabriele are now supporting another girl in Bosnia. Taking a leaf out of his parents' book, the CFO of the organisation, Dominik Thuleweit has taken on his philanthropic ventures. He is now a godfather to a girl child in Africa by joining efforts with SOS Children's Village.


Michael and Gabriele Thuleweit also have closely worked to extend their support to a Germany-based local organisation called Bärenherz Wiesbaden. It is a children's hospice that looks after, cares for and accompanies children with a life-shortening illness and their families, regardless of their culture, origin or religion. This organisation provides expert medical care for the terminally ill children and adolescents that transcends beyond the clinical environment.

Non Profit


Embarking on our new mission reflecting on TEB’s social responsibility as a company, we are proud to collaborate with TobaCycle as a member, joining our efforts towards the betterment of the environment and the planet.

Based in Cologne, Germany, TobaCycle has embarked on an impressive mission of recycling cigarettes butts. Trillions of cigarettes are smoked annually making cigarette butts one of the most common types of litter in the world. Due to the materials and toxic substances that they contain, this waste carries a very harmful risk for the environment and for living organisms. In the past, only a few - barely sustainable - solutions have tried to tackle this waste and alternative solutions to landfilling and incineration are needed. Understanding this pressing concern, TobaCycle has an ambitious goal of eliminating cigarette butts from the environment and from residual waste. Working towards this goal, they have worked out an incredible solution that offers a ‘complete recycling program’, facilitating a long-term sustainable solution.

As the famous saying goes, ‘Charity Begins at Home’, Starting at our Griesheim office, we have implemented the TobaCycle program for our staff members. This is a small step of contribution towards working with others on implementing a feasible solution to one of the greatest environmental problems and promoting sustainable use of existing environmental resources.

Our CEO Michael Thuleweit and CFO Dominik Thuleweit are committed towards their dedication of contributing towards a greener planet. This commitment is also replicated in TEB’s way forward. Plans are drawn to expand TobaCycle program in the entire TEB universe, including our sister companies at Bosnia, India, Peru and Spain. The goal behind implementing this program across the TEB Universe is to compensate for the company’s carbon footprint. Our long-term goal is to promote socio-ecological awareness in every aspect of the working and take concrete steps towards becoming a ‘CO2 Neutral’ company.

This is TEB’s unique take on the ‘Joy of Giving’.